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Control Panels

Making more control panels, this one is on the hidden staging level. It routes the trains either up to main level via a grade or routes the train into the west staging yard. Panels are constructed on 1/8″ Masonite. I … Continue reading

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Sorry, couldn’t help it

Sorry, couldn’t help it he was just to cute.

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Roadbed Heaven

From the “life is good” file…. Hey honey check and see if your work has any 1/2″ Homasote? If they do get my a 4×8 sheet, have them cut it unto 3 pieces – 32×48. And when I got home…

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Building DCCODs

Got down to the basement to build some of Bruce Chubb’s DCCOD occupancy detectors. I have 21 to build, building these circuits yourself helps keep the costs down and it’s fun.

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Basement Train Whistle / Air Horn

    I wanted a train whistle in my basement and here’s how I went about it.   A long time ago I purchased an aluminum Train Whistle. It had a good sound when you blew into it, but that has it’s … Continue reading

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Layout Lighting (Don’t have a catchy title for this one)

Layout lighting is another area where there are many trains of thought (that was pretty catchy-though). Florescent tubes are one option… with this method there are choices for tube color, number of tubes, fixture spacing and a concern of UV … Continue reading

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When Animals… ATTACK

I had to store my Time Saver layout in the garage over the winter and this is what happened. Some animal got in and stayed a few weeks and he was eating the scenery. I think it was a squirrel….These … Continue reading

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Modular Club – Wiring Challenges

Just got a call on Saturday from the Big Guy “Leonard”, he called and was asking about some wood, well anyway he mentioned the Club’s next set-up at the Fox Run Retirement Village on June 2 & 3rd. He also … Continue reading

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The Great Puff Ball Debate….

I posted this over at Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine         But here is the gist…. Hi every one…I am struggling at making trees. Joe makes the pine tree scenery look so good, us plain old folks trying to model eastern railroads … Continue reading

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Hidden Staging – expanding beyond…..

Staging is an area of model railroading that has changed over the years. At first the concept did not exist, railroads could only handle as many cars as you could see or hold on the visible portion of the layout. … Continue reading

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