Basement Train Whistle / Air Horn

Basement Train Whistle / Air Horn



I wanted a train whistle in my basement and here’s how I went about it.


A long time ago I purchased an aluminum Train Whistle. It had a good sound when you blew into it, but that has it’s limitations. So, I went about to fix that. I already had compressed air in the basement for painting so I just tee’d of it with another regulator and gauge. This line ran over to where I mounted the whistle. I then made an adapter for an Air Blow Gun to fit into the end of the whistle. I took a long eyebolt and attached to the blow gun’s lever and added a return spring for good measure. This worked well. I then ran a rope the length of the basement with a fancy handle at my favorite spot. The rope can be pulled anywhere along the line and actuate the whistle. I can adjust the pressure to suit. (about 80psi). Check out how it sounds….    Basement Train Whistle / Air Horn

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