Dog Crate Installation in Van

I know this is some more stuff that isn’t train related but I want to get this out there… Everyone says you should protect your animals in case of a car crash. I searched for ways to mount dog crates in cars or vans and couldn’t find much, so I engineered a good solution and thought I should share it. Let’s start with a picture of Roland, my new dog (std Poodle). Isn’t he worth protecting?

Standard Poodle Roland







Here is a picture showing the finished job, looks pretty comfy to me.

Dog Crate Installation

Dog Crate installed in my Ford Van





First I started by making a frame to support the Crate. It needed to be removable and strong. I used 3/8″ threaded rod to bolt it to the bench seat bracket. Next I notched the frame for the ratcheting hold downs. After that I fastened the crate to the frame using wood screws as shown. This keeps the crate from sliding around on the frame. And finally, I strapped the crate to the floor (you can’t budge this thing).

Frame for Dog Crate

Frame for Dog Crate

Dog Crate Mount

Removable Dog Crate Mount

Notched frame for Tie Downs

Notched frame for Ratcheting Tie Downs

Attache the Dog Crate to the Frame

Attached the Dog Crate to the Frame

Installation of Ratcheting Tie Down for Dog Crate

Installation of Ratcheting Tie Down for Dog Crate

Finished Installation of Dog Crate

Finished installation of dog crate in Ford Econoline












Now, do all this again for the second dog and you have completed a worthy project. The second frame is independent to allow flexibility in seating arraignments as it allows for the second bench to be installed or vise-versa.

Second Crate Frame

Second Crate Frame

Side by side Dog Crates

Side by side Dog Crates

Rear View - Dog Crate Installation

Rear View – Dog Crate Installation






Lastly, this article wouldn’t be complete with a picture of our other dog – Evey. Poodles just seem to run in the family.

Evey - Standard Poodle

Evey – Standard Poodle

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