Just back from the Groomer

Evey, just back from the Groomer. Such a pretty girl. (Good Groomer – Livonia MI)


Apricot standard poodle Continue reading

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Neat Scene

Here is a view of the area I am working on, it will be the first scene I will complete. It is modeled loosely on AR Tower in Gallitzen Pennsylvania.


AR Tower

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Scenery – Rough In

Here are a few pictures of roughed in scenery as I work on the next section…


Bridge Rough In

I cut out the facia, leaving the road bed intact. Add base and filled in with construction foam.


Land Masses

Next, I built up the hills and formed them with a Surform File.


Joint Compound Covering

Everything now covered with drywall joint compound.


Basic Rock Coloring

Next cover track with tape and paint terrain with my basic land coloring. Using Dave Frary’s Realistic Scenery blue rock coloring.

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Dust Screens

Eventually the basement will be filled with my railroad empire, until then it has to serve as woodshop, laundry room and general household overflow room. It’s the woodshop that creates a major headache towards running trains and building the railroad. To aleave the dust problem I made Dust Screens as shown… they are removable ¬†(attached with Velcro) and they roll up and out of the way for times when I don’t want to go through the extra work to remove and store them. So far, they are working great. Made of 12 gauge vinyl with loop material sewn on. Hook material was purchased with adhesive backing for attachment to my lighting valence. I also included tabs to hold the screens in the upright position as needed.

Dust Scene overview

Here is an overall view with 1 screen rolled up

Dust Screen - Model Railroad

Model Railroad Dust Screen

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Dog Crate Installation in Van

I know this is some more stuff that isn’t train related but I want to get this out there… Everyone says you should protect your animals in case of a car crash. I searched for ways to mount dog crates in cars or vans and couldn’t find much, so I engineered a good solution and thought I should share it. Let’s start with a picture of Roland, my new dog (std Poodle). Isn’t he worth protecting?

Standard Poodle Roland







Here is a picture showing the finished job, looks pretty comfy to me.

Dog Crate Installation

Dog Crate installed in my Ford Van





First I started by making a frame to support the Crate. It needed to be removable and strong. I used 3/8″ threaded rod to bolt it to the bench seat bracket. Next I notched the frame for the ratcheting hold downs. After that I fastened the crate to the frame using wood screws as shown. This keeps the crate from sliding around on the frame. And finally, I strapped the crate to the floor (you can’t budge this thing).

Frame for Dog Crate

Frame for Dog Crate

Dog Crate Mount

Removable Dog Crate Mount

Notched frame for Tie Downs

Notched frame for Ratcheting Tie Downs

Attache the Dog Crate to the Frame

Attached the Dog Crate to the Frame

Installation of Ratcheting Tie Down for Dog Crate

Installation of Ratcheting Tie Down for Dog Crate

Finished Installation of Dog Crate

Finished installation of dog crate in Ford Econoline












Now, do all this again for the second dog and you have completed a worthy project. The second frame is independent to allow flexibility in seating arraignments as it allows for the second bench to be installed or vise-versa.

Second Crate Frame

Second Crate Frame

Side by side Dog Crates

Side by side Dog Crates

Rear View - Dog Crate Installation

Rear View – Dog Crate Installation






Lastly, this article wouldn’t be complete with a picture of our other dog – Evey. Poodles just seem to run in the family.

Evey - Standard Poodle

Evey – Standard Poodle

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Hooray for the Red, White & Blue

Here is our std poodle and she’s ready for the Forth of July. My wife made the wonderful bandana.


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New Walthers Amtrak Car


Just got the a few of the new Walthers Amtrak cars… Very nice. These come plated with very nice unibody details. They will be offered in all the Amtrak paint schemes, with and w/o light boards, and something new… A deluxe version with light boards and passengers.

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Modeling on hold

Been a while since my last post, sorry. But we have a new addition to the family and she is using up all my spare time. Her name is Evey and she is a std poodle, as you can see she is a cutie. More modeling posts when I get the time.



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Ford Club at Maker Faire

The Ford Model Railroad Club was invited to display their modular railroad at the Maker Faire Detroit, it was held over 2 days this weekend at The Henry Ford. There was a big turnout and we had a fun time running trains… Here are few pictures and videos.





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Neat Wiring Idea

Here’s a neat way to organize your wiring… I use Arlington Drive Rings. They are economical and simple to use. I used the 1/2″ size and got them from Cableorganizer.com. They cost about $15 for 100 pc.s.

Organized Model Railroad Wiring

Neat and orderly wiring

Organize your Mode Railroad Wiring

Another View looking at well organized wiring.

1/2" Drive Ring

1/2″ Drive Ring

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