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Neat Scene

Here is a view of the area I am working on, it will be the first scene I will complete. It is modeled loosely on AR Tower in Gallitzen Pennsylvania.

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Dust Screens

Eventually the basement will be filled with my railroad empire, until then it has to serve as woodshop, laundry room and general household overflow room. It’s the woodshop that creates a major headache towards running trains and building the railroad. … Continue reading

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Control Panels

Making more control panels, this one is on the hidden staging level. It routes the trains either up to main level via a grade or routes the train into the west staging yard. Panels are constructed on 1/8″ Masonite. I … Continue reading

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Roadbed Heaven

From the “life is good” file…. Hey honey check and see if your work has any 1/2″ Homasote? If they do get my a 4×8 sheet, have them cut it unto 3 pieces – 32×48. And when I got home…

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WI Throttle

I saw some information on a throttle called a WI Throttle and since you never have to many throttles. I thought this would be a good thing. It is a good thing… this is cool. -First I needed a way for … Continue reading

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