The Great Puff Ball Debate….

I posted this over at Model Railroad Hobbyist Magazine         But here is the gist….

Hi every one…I am struggling at making trees. Joe makes the pine tree scenery look so good, us plain old folks trying to model eastern railroads don’t have a chance. So here is the issue… how do we make realistic eastern type forests of trees? I have never been a real fan of the puff ball. Model Railroader used them on their Virginian project railroad and it doesn’t have the realism I am looking for (see – Joe has spoiled it for the rest of us). Attached is my attempt at modeling them, how about some suggestions and hints….

Image for Puff Ball Tree Discussion


I am using Woodland Scenics clump foliage and ground foams… backdrop still needs the misting of white and some distant hills painted on it. Thank for your suggestions.



This second picture gives a closer look at the foliage and I like the leafy texture.

The Joe, I am referring to is Joe Fugat from Model Railroad Hobbyist fame, he is a very good modeler and I have some of his how-to Videos. He is the best. But… he models Western U.S. pine tree scenery. Not Eastern United States and it is different.

Next picture is of Allen McClelland’s V&O railroad, a fabulous railroad but this is not the look I am trying to achieve.

So….Follow along a let me know what you think about puff ball trees.


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